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The Storage Company will securely collect, archive, manage, scan, deliver & even destroy your documents off-site, from our warehouses serving Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Cardiff and the rest of the South West.

The company we keep

We're proud to be members of the Records Management Society and the Society of Archivists.

Why we're successful

Our success has been founded on two key principles. Firstly-and it may sound a bit clichéd, but it's true - we treat every customer as an individual, with each storage transaction tailored to the client in question. Secondly, we always help our customers to make the most efficient use of our services: this includes reviewing the way they use us, helping them to save time and/or money according to their needs.

How we got started

Prior to 1996, our family was in farming-but we knew we had to diversify. So in 1996 we set up our first storage warehouse, which remained a family-run business until one of us, Andrew Gunningham, took the business over in 2004 and became our managing director.

Where we're going

We currently have 3 warehouses at our site in Weston-super-Mare. However, we're growing fast and have ambitious plans for regional expansion.