Secure information destruction

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Businesses are required to keep statutory records for 7 years. But after that, why pay to store them if you don't have to? On request, we will destroy your electronic or hard-copy documents - in a way that's confidential, secure, and environmentally friendly.

No mistakes

Nothing gets destroyed unless we've received and confirmed your written instructions, so don't worry: there are no accidents. And since we track every document by barcode throughout its journey with us, we can be sure we've destroyed the right files.

Secure destruction

Your documents are treated as highly confidential at every stage in their lifecycle, including the end. When we destroy them, they're shredded into ribbons no more than 1.5mm wide, and then cross-cut. No information can be salvaged from your files once we've finished with them.

We're as green as can be

We care about the environment. Once you've asked us to destroy a document, we separate and sort its component parts. Any metal and plastic bits go to recycling; all paper and cardboard is shredded, pulped and recycled. Nothing is burned and almost nothing goes to landfill.

Proof of destruction

We provide certificates of destruction for all the files we destroy, so you'll have a permanent recordů and you'll know that nothing's out there that shouldn't be.