Physical storage - documents & electronic media

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Off-site storage is considered to be best practice. You'll pay a fraction of the floorspace; you'll protect vital records against flood, fire and theft; and you won't have the headache of managing it all yourselves. So let us collect and protect your files and documents (whether paper or on disc), and we'll let you have them back whenever you like.

Bright blue banker's boxes

We'll provide you with our distinctive storage boxes, which you fill up with the files you want to store. We charge per box. Then we'll collect your boxes - as many or as few as you like - and deliver them to our purpose-designed warehouses. And since we've never lost a box, you won't lose the plot.


Controlled conditions

Our warehouses are insulated and maintained at the optimum humidity. We barcode every box, so we can track it throughout its life. And no one else's box will ever be stored where yours normally lives - even if your box is with you for a while. That helps to ensure we never lose a box.

High security

All our warehouses have intruder, heat, fire and smoke alarms, with BT Redcare alarm signalling. We operate 24-hour CCTV, monitored by staff, recorded to a hard drive, and viewable off-site via the web. Your documents are safe with us.

Fast access

We offer same-day and next-day deliveries when you want to see your archives - whether it's a single document or a whole box. Tell us by 9am and you'll get it the same day for our standard price.


Huge capacity

We operate 3 warehouses with a capacity of 41,000 sq ft - with multi-level racking allowing us to store 16 boxes high. That's a lot of boxes.


Most storage companies will bill you over and over again for replacement boxes. We never will: when necessary, all our boxes are replaced for free - and when their life is over, they go straight to recycling.