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The Storage Company is full of fresh thinking and green ideas. Wherever possible, we use technology and careful planning to minimise our impact on the environment and to make our planet a happier place to be.

We recycle just about everything

You name it, we probably recycle it! Every piece of paper and card is recycled; every bit of plastic or metal in your documents is recycled when you ask us to destroy them. We do our very best to minimise what we send to landfill.

We save energy

Although we heat our warehouses to keep your documents warm and dry, they're all thoroughly insulated to prevent heat escaping into the environment. We also use nothing but energy-saving light-bulbs. And when it comes to collecting and delivering your boxes, we plan and consolidate our trips very carefully, to cut down on road miles.

We use the internet

Unlike some less progressive companies, we make full use of technology to become as green as we can be. That's why we're keen to promote the scanning and online access of any stored documents you need to see - avoiding a round-trip between your offices and our warehouse, every time.